As a standalone material without any finishing, exposed metals can rust and corrode in the elements. Salt, rain & weakened ultra violet light can all be contributing factors to this corrosion. Therefore, properly finishing products that need to withstand these factors not only enhances aesthetics which ultimately deems a product more valuable but also proves very beneficial for enhancing durability. Depending on the project, the sheet metal manufacturing industry relies heavily on powder coating to finish products after laser cutting, folding and welding.

What is the process of powder coating?

Unlike liquid paint, powder coating functions in a completely dry environment. Dry powder receives a positive electric charge and gets sprayed under pressure to the unfinished metal object that is grounded with a negative charge. This creates an electrochemical change allowing molecules from the powder to attach to the metal.

What types of bases are used for powder coating?

There are many different bases that can be used when powder coating. This includes epoxy, polyester, acrylic, polyurethane or a blend of all. After the application of the powder coating to the fabricated metal parts, the metal component is then placed in a high-temperature environment of up to 200 Celsius to cure.  

What are the unique benefits of powder coating?

Powder coating, when performed by a professional, makes finished surfaces resistant to fading, chipping, scratching and wearing. It is therefore almost maintenance free. Powder coated products will not corrode or rust and will look new throughout their entire life span. Overall, powder coating requires less application time, less equipment and is less expensive than painting.

Here at E&A Probend, we provide premium powder coating for domestic, commercial and industrial projects. We have been working in the sheet metal industry for over twenty years, and are based in the South-East suburbs of Melbourne. Any job requiring sheet metal to be folded, welded, cut or powder coated, whether it is custom or ready-made, can be performed by our skilled team of experts.

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What are the different types of metal fabrication?

There are various fabrication processes in the sheet metal industry, which are oftentimes used in combination with one another. The methods can be either one or more of the following: metal stamping, cutting, casting, welding, and extrusion. These fabrication techniques are executed to highlight the metal’s properties and showcase its flexibility in application.

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What is sheet metal punching?

Sheet metal punching is a common fabrication process used sheet metal manufacturing. Punching is a cutting process that involves applying sufficient cutting force to a sheet of metal to remove a section of material.

In the past, metal punching was performed solely with manually operated machines. However, today’s punching methods are performed using advanced machines, which are programmed to punch standard or specially designed shapes in metal.

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