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Melbourne’s best laser cutting, folding, welding and powder coating.

Sheet Metal Services

We offer a wide selection of sheet metal design, manufacturing, and fabrication services.

CNC Laser Cutting

High precision laser cutting of aluminium, stainless steel, and mild steel using state of the art equipment.

CNC Folding

High strength folding of aluminium, stainless steel, and mild steel, using our state of the art hydraulic press.

MIG, TIG, Spot Welding

Professional MIG, TIG and spot welding for flawless finishes on any metal surface and project type.

CAD Drafting

Make your project come to life with custom designs tailored to your exact and unique specifications and requirements.


Build a product prototype from scratch with our expert team, who can guide you through every step of the process.

Why Choose Us?

We are a family owned and run sheet metal manufacturing and fabrication business. Check out the video below for a glimpse into what we do.

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custom made CNC laser cut and folded metal product

Expert Technicians

Our experienced and highly trained metal technicians strive to produce the highest precision, accuracy, and workmanship possible.

CNC folded and laser cut metal product

Premium Materials

We use the highest grade metal products ranging from 0.5 to 20mm thick aluminium, stainless steel and mild steel for long term durability.

metal cooktop and sink

Outstanding Service

We pride ourselves on being a family owned business and obsess about making our clients happy, from design, to fabrication, and afterward.

Sheet Metal Products

We offer a number of metalworks products, including both ready-built and custom designed for your specific needs.


We design and manufacture sheet metal and parts for the manufacturing of truck bodies, including tipper trucks, trays and trailers.


We custom design and build premium quality, heavy duty, lockable toolboxes for trucks, utility vehicles, service vehicles or any other trade or domestic use.

Service Bodies

We design and build aluminium or stainless steel bodies and parts for service vehicles including service trucks, utility vehicles, and others.


We manufacture and supply all types of electrical enclosures, for domestic, commercial, and industrial properties.


Need a custom cabinet built for domestic or business use? We design and build custom aluminium and steel cabinets to suit your specific requirements.


High quality steel brackets that last long into the future for your piece of mind. Built to your specifications and quantities.

Display Stands

High quality, sleek display stands for outdoor advertising, shop signage, and technological devices such as computers, tablets, or smart phones.

Letter Boxes

Improve the look of your home, business, or industrial warehouse with one of our premium stainless steel letter boxes, designs and built for your needs.

Other Products

We offer a number of other products including fencing and screening, outdoor furniture, kitchen benchtops and sinks, caravan equipment and much more. Ask us for a quote!

Latest Sheet Metal Jobs and News

Read all about some of our latest sheet metal manufacturing and fabrication jobs, industry news, and more.

machine cutting metal

What are the different types of metal fabrication?

There are various fabrication processes in the sheet metal industry, which are oftentimes used in combination with one another. The methods can be either one or more of the following: metal stamping, cutting, casting, welding, and extrusion. These fabrication techniques are executed to highlight the metal’s properties and showcase its flexibility in application.

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Man looking at sheet metal work

What is sheet metal punching?

Sheet metal punching is a common fabrication process used sheet metal manufacturing. Punching is a cutting process that involves applying sufficient cutting force to a sheet of metal to remove a section of material.

In the past, metal punching was performed solely with manually operated machines. However, today’s punching methods are performed using advanced machines, which are programmed to punch standard or specially designed shapes in metal.

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Finger with prototype idea on it

The benefits of sheet metal prototyping

A prototype is an early sample, model, or release of a product to test a concept or process. It is generally used to evaluate a new design and to enhance its precision through real world testing and usage.

Sheet metal prototyping is a rough draft or mock-up model of the final product that is built before manufacturing begins and allows designers and manufacturers to test quality and finish.

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Client Testimonials

We pride ourselves on customer service and building long term relationships with our clients.

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