It has been yet another fast-paced month for us at E&A Probend. While we certainly had no shortage of requests for brackets, heavy duty antenna mounts & lockable caravan bumpers, our favourite job was a custom-built toolbox for a Ford Transit.

Client consultation

We took a great deal of care and time to consult with our client, making sure that their custom toolbox was practical enough to fit various tools and equipment needed for their everyday jobs in the plumbing industry. We made sure to utilize every inch of space available while still enabling our client to walk straight through the back of the van with ease. As requested, we ensured the project was still visually pleasing and eye catching.

SolidWorks CAD Design Process

After consultations, we then used SolidWorks CAD to build a 3D model of the toolbox. This allows us to see what the final product will look like, check dimensions, improve accuracy, make changes, and usually leads to a more refined end product, reduces costs, and leads to fewer errors. This means that each sheet metal fabrication is delivered to the highest possible standards.

Custom built Ford Transit toolbox

This particular job took one full week to complete with all design and fabrication drawings completed by E&A Probend. The predominant material we used was laser cut mild steel. This type of steel offers a high tensile and high impact strength, and when combined with powder coating, also provides a very high level of corrosion resistance. We used a combination of precision laser cutting, high strength folding, and expert welding, all completed by our skilled team of in-house technicians, to create the final product.

At E&A Probend, our sub-assemblies are always test fitted to make sure all components have been manufactured as per the fabrication and assembly drawings. Once these parts are approved by our quality assurance processes, they are then disassembled, cleaned and powder coated to customer specifications. Upon completion of the powder coating process, these parts and sub-assemblies are then either re-assembled by us, or delivered to our client for final assembly, depending on their preference.

This entire project was assembled and installed by E&A Probend. After the initial test, assembly, we took everything apart again and powder coated the toolbox in a stunning acid green and high gloss black colour combination to give it the show stopping look our client was after. We then re-assembled everything for installation. When fully assembled, the toolbox measured at approximately 2400x450x1600 on the passenger side and 1800x450x1600 on the driver’s side, with enough space to walk through the middle of the van.

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